Professional Termite Treatment Options for Florida

For Florida real estate transactions, the traditional method of control for drywood termites is tent fumigation. This process uses a fumigant, sulfuryl fluoride such as Vikane® or methyl bromide, within an enclosed space to eliminate drywood termites from ALL areas within the enclosed tarp area (normally, the entire structure).  This method of treatment requires the evacuation of common or contiguous structures. Frequently, condominiums and townhouses have difficulty in complying with the evacuation requirements when residents do not co-operate. There are alternative drywood termite control methods available for use in single family homes and multi-unit structures such as townhouses, condominium units, apartments and shopping centers.

Some of these treatments appear to be more convenient for consumers. Alternative methods now being performed by licensed pest control companies include: the electric gun, freezing with liquid nitrogen, heating, and chemical drill and injection control with termiticides and wood preservatives. All alternative methods have advantages and limitations which each pest control company should be willing to discuss with consumers.

Consumers should be aware that these alternative treatments are considered spot treatments since the entire structure is not treated regardless of the warranty terms offered. This is not to imply that these alternative methods may be ineffective, but only to alert the consumer that these treatments cannot assure a complete treatment of all wood-destroying organisms infesting the wood within the entire structure.

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Better Protection, Together

Structural fumigation is the only proven method that eliminates 100 percent of drywood termite colonies. Effective fumigation is a team effort that involves the property owner, the pest management company, the licensed fumigation crew and support from Douglas Products Vikane® and its distributors, such as Termite Professionals LLC. We work together to provide better protection from one of the most destructive pests in the United States, better than any other company in the industry.

Training & Resources

Because fumigation is a highly specialized pest control service, companies and individuals must meet strict licensing requirements. Regular training is needed to help ensure that crews understand and follow all label directions. Additionally, users of Vikane® gas fumigant must successfully complete annual stewardship training.

Vikane® gas fumigant is the No. 1 brand in whole-structure termite fumigation. A proven drywood termite treatment option for more than 55 years, it has protected more than 2 million homes, historical landmarks, churches, museums, research facilities, colleges, hotels and even ships.

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