Bed Bug Fumigation

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The Peskiest Pest

Bedbugs are such a difficult pest because they hitchhike from one location to another, and even though adults and larvae may be killed, eggs can hatch later to renew the infestation.

A Major Problem

As bedbug populations have developed resistance to insecticides used by professionals, they have increasingly become a public scourge. Additionally, their ability to hide during the day, prevalence worldwide and need to control all life stages — egg, nymph and adult — make this pest a true test to effectively control.

A Major Solution

A treatment of Vikane® gas fumigant penetrates all voids of a home, including deep behind walls and in bedding and upholstered furniture. In contrast, an insecticide treatment may not reach deep into those areas where bedbugs live or in items that cannot be treated, such as televisions and computers. Additionally, if the bedbug population is resistant to the insecticide used, the treatment will be ineffective. Even if adults and nymph-stage bedbugs are killed, surviving eggs make it only a matter of time until the population rebounds.


Research done at Kansas State University showed that Vikane used at a 1.9x dosage rate can eliminates all life stages of bedbugs, including eggs. This means a whole-structure fumigation with Vikane according to label directions can completely eliminate a bedbug population. A moving truck or special fumigation chamber can be used for a fumigation if only infested furniture, mattresses and other household belongings need to be treated.

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