Residential Pest & Termite Control

We have the solutions to your household pest problems. Our staff is trained in the behavior, biology and control of pests on an ongoing basis. Our service team members use this knowledge daily to meet the needs of our customers. At Standard ongoing training is part of our work ethic and ensures a comfortable home environment for you and your family.

Certified Pest Control's residential services are designed to protect and maintain the homeowners property.

  • Responsible and safe programs
  • Your family, pets and the environment are our main concern
  • One-time applications for most pests
  • IPM - Integrated Pest Management
  • Exterior chemical power spray for seasonal control
  • Termite treatments using Termidor Termite Defense
  • Bird and bat removal, exclusion and cleanup
  • Rat and Mice removal and control

Home insect control is important in continuing to keep your residence protected and free of any kind of insect. In order to assure that all rodents and bugs are gone from your office, it's best to take on an expert. We will cheerfully come out to your residence and check for all types of swarm.

When you have arranged an appointment with our technicians, we will arrive at your office ready to get rid of all insects in your home. To check that we are using the right type of bait and using the right sort of pesticide, we will look about to see exactly what sort of pests you have. Case in point, you may have noted ants around your home. With each pest, there are many kinds. Several are known to come into your residence and some are known to just dwell on the outside of your house but still cause major troubles. To make certain we put out the right chemicals we will go around and see the exact sorts of pests we are dealing with.

After we have discovered the sort of pest we are managing, we will begin laying out bait and our chemicals. You may be thinking that bait is only put down for pests. In reality, it can be left out for all styles of creepy crawly's as well. This bait will then attract bug and either exterminate them from what it consumes or trap them inside of where the bait is stored. For some pests, pesticides must be utilized. These pesticides are in the shape of a chemical mixture. This mix will usually be put out on the borders of gates, windows, and along cracks in your structure. This will exterminate insects instantly and keep others away from the house for the season.

You should bear in mind that yes these particular options will perform for a couple of months, they won't last the entire life of your house. If you live in an area that has many bug problems, you will likely have to get home rodent and insect control done about once a year. You can use various store bought liquids, but if your house has a continuous issue it's good to get one professional spray roughly every year.

If you have a few more questions about home vermin control or want to schedule a meeting with our pros, give us a buzz at your first convenience. Our pros are always standing by all set to pick up your call.